Texas State University

Communication Design

May 2013 — BFA

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2017 — Present

Nirvana Systems
2013 — Present

Kent Design
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My name is Devin.

I can cook 1 minute rice in 58 seconds.

My Keyboard often catches on fire from my fingers being crazy fast. You will get used to the
burning smell — I promise. This speed awarded me the nickname “Graphic Design Ninja”.

Along with Design and Art, sports have been a big part of my life. I was designated as the Varsity
Basketball Captain as a Sophomore through my Senior year. This position taught me many life lessons:
1. How to Lead Others     2. How to be a Team Player     3. How to Mentor

I used this knowledge to go on and be the Senior Class President.

I absorbed how to be a leader, what dedication means, and if I really want something —
I can get it.

I look forward to showing you all of these skills that I own…

along with all of my corny jokes.